I honestly saw this as a way of George telling D&D to fuck themselves

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sophie turner | portrait session - san diego comic con 2014 x

GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite female characters [8/10] » Catelyn Stark

"One day, she promised herself as she lay abed, one day she would allow herself to be less than strong. But not today. It could not be today."

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M a g g y  t h e  f r o g ’ s  p r o p h e c y
 ”I will be queen, though?” asked the younger her.  

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HARRY POTTER HISTORY MEME → one villain [1/1] » Morgan Le Fay

"Morgan Le Fay, also known as Morgana, was a very powerful Dark Witch who lived during the Middle Ages."

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It’s as if I’m Finnick, watching images of my life flash by. The mast of a boat, a silver parachute, Mags laughing, a pink sky, Beetee’s trident, Annie in her wedding dress, waves breaking over rocks. Then its over.”

"I am sorry too," said Lupin. "Sorry I will never know him… but he will know why I died and I hope he will understand. I was trying to make a world in which he could live a happier life."



ALEXANDER SIDDIG AS DORAN MARTELL????? WAIT I NEED HELP REACTING TO THIS OH MY GOD YE’S EXACTLY WHAT FANDOM WANTED LMFAO I CAM’T BELIEVE THIS CAN IT BE TR—wait what do you mean they’ve written off arianne martell thereby writing off dorne as the only place in westeros with absolute primogeniture letting women inherit before men by order of birth


→ M O C K I N G J A Y

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